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Frequently Asked Questions

Which devices are compatible with ILML TV?

All paid accounts will have 3 device codes to be used on android tablets, android phones, android boxes, and amazon firesticks.
ILML TV can also be watched on PC/Mac App by entering the user name an password provided to you.
​Any device android 5.1 OS or higher
​Windows App: windows phone, tablet or PC

Does ILML TV work in other countries?

ILML TV works anywhere with an internet connection.

How to install on Amazon Firestick?

Can I share codes with my friends/family or take my device anywhere?

ILML TV is IP restricted, we don’t allow the sharing of accounts. Users must abide by these rules or will ultimately be banned from the service if rules are broken several times.

My device is running Slow....

Clear cache daily!!

Go to settings

Go to applications

Go manage installed apps

Scroll to ILMLtv/ clear cache